Firefly Funhouse, Jon Moxley & Interview with Wrestler-In-Training Joseph “JoJo” Woods

Episode 31 of A Kenny For Your Thoughts Podcast sees us talking about some controversial happenings in the wrestling business! We give a very detailed take on why The Firefly Funhouse may be the best thing to ever happen to Bray Wyatt! We also explain why “Becky Two Belts” might not be called that much longer with a VERY controversial take from Kenny. We also discuss what the JON MOXLEY promo could mean and the fallout of his departure from WWE. Last but certainly not least, we interview Mr. Joseph Woods who is currently training to be a professional wrestler! Hear a unique take on what it’s like to take bumps, why he started training at the age of 30 as well as his motivation for wanting to be in the business! Don’t miss Episode 31 of AKFYT Podcast!

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